Surface Preparation


This is more commonly known as sandblasting. The process uses abrasive media to remove powder, paint, buildup or rust on a variety of metals to provide a clean etched surface for good adhesion of the powder coating.

Even if you're not in need of a coating we can schedule a time to media blast your projects.

Powder Coatings


Simple process to remove any oil residue and debri from the surface. Some surfaces require more such as prebake to heat the metal up as this opens the pores and force the metal substrate to "bleed." This prevents any possibility of oil bleeding out onto the coated surface during the cure process.


Phosphating is a conversion coating when the metal is either sprayed or immersed in the solution and chemically reacts creating a barrier against oxidation.

Why Phosphating is important?

Helps against corrosion

Oxidation on metal which is rust destroys what you invested in either it be a patio set, fence, or a vehicle it never stops as the weather never stops. Phosphating helps with that for two main reasons. It provides a barrier against oxidation and it also increases surface adhesion when the conversion takes place.

The barrier prevents rust (oxidation) from traveling underneath the powder coat. Other than bad application, rust can cause paint or powder coat to come off in large chunks which isnt good. In turn phosphating prolongs the life of the powder coated finish. Note, not all powder coaters utilize this process.

Prep & Coating Process

Chemical Stripping and/ or media blasting

Pressure Wash



Phosphate Conversion


Dry off / Preheat

Powder Coat

Final Bake process and cool down.